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13 March 2005

Yah...??Victims of time. We are all trapped here within this sphere of living and death. All are start for just to make their ways toward the end. We’re travelling farther and farther, or we’re going nowhere. The question has never been answered and would never be. We once believe we have a gift to live free. Although we doubt we were still imprisoned within fragile physical matter. We are imagining ourselves competent beyond this rough flesh, yet we still yearn for a moment prime of its uncertain. How long have we been? We believe we can uncover our path.
Ho long do we have to go?
Do we have to?
Do we want to?
Do we will?
Or do we were allow to?
We believe we are competent beyond this physique yet we doubt something more powerful dictating us. We are free only within the boundary we were given. Within time we were given. We can never be truly free.
COE 11-2 Deliverance

The rock is back, yes. For a while. I know it is quite stupid and useless to say I don't have any reason to not update the site but I just did. Almost a year, isn't it. It is 8 August since last update that I put some unusually post of Belldandy in my report. Yeah, that's a bad idea, I heard some parents said.

May they never set foot on the field again.

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