Belldandy in my view

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Scan from the Belldandy June Bride model box.

         About Belldandy? Well....I'm not sure what should I say. I met her (in the manga) in the years 1995. I left all comic or cartoon since I'm in secondary school. I feel that the comic is just for little kid but I was wrong. I return to read it after I saw some advertisement about anime and garage kit. When I saw Belldandy model for the first time. I think it is looks strange but well handicraft. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. Usually, I'm interesting in......some kind of mechanics and electronics technology. But this thing pull me in so quickly. I'm start to search for more information about this model. And I found a pack of sales books labeled "Ah! My Goddess". The story in several first volume is like a romantic comedy, the picture also not so good drew. It just  another fine comic (in my opinion at that time). I got Belldandy model as my first garage kit. No, not the one I saw in magazine. Just a plain small cheap 1/8 scale resin kit. Many people said they got hook when they watch the Ah my goddess OAV(original Animation Video). For me, I'm not sure when. I continue to read the comic books and found that the later chapter is getting more serious, more reasonable, more complete in story line and better drew. After several repeat reading and close analysis, I found that this is not just a boy meet girl story. It is about a small family. They... from different places, different experiences, different mind living together. For Belldandy, she's the main character. She's the center of the story. Every component of the story will be dump on her. The conflict make the story. So, the way Belldandy use to solve the conflict is the way the story move. I like her way. Belldandy is a very kind and gentle person. She's always care much about others and sometimes forget about herself. That is one of the bad thing in her good part. And give our hero a window of opportunity to take care of her. Every thing is fit in its own. According to the changes of Belldandy in the later chapter some people on the net has mentioned about, they were came from Belldandy's voice actress in OAV. Mrs. Inoue Kikuko is the person who has been used as a reference for creating Belldandy. When she was hired for Belldandy's voice acting. She gaves the OAV supervisor Mr. Fujishima Kosuke (the author of  AMG comic version) suggestions about the character design. Now Belldandy that we see is not the the woman that men want to see but she is the woman that real woman in her type should be. Whether you like it or not. If you ask me, I'll say "I love Belldandy the way she is".  In OAV, the story is only a bit tweak from the comic and fill the missing part of comic version. Now I think that the comic is running on the OAV base. I will not mention about other characters here. I'll let you find out about them yourself ^_^.

Witit Pienchob
(web creator)

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